LEAP HR: Higher Education is for senior HR leaders who want to challenge the status quo and engage in the truly collaborative disruption needed to drive change and move their institutions forward, ready for the future.

Leap HR: Higher Education 2020 will shine a light on some of the best HR transformations, including:


  • What's working, what's not, and what's needed to find and attract the talent we need to take our institutions into the future?
  • What traditional thinking do we need to challenge to truly create a unified institution that shares one mission, whilst respecting the cultures and personalities of schools across campus?
  • What steps do we need to take to rethink how to find, compete for and attract new leaders equipped with the skills and capacity needed in a rapidly changing industry?
  • In the context of impending disruption to the Higher Education industry, how can we leverage our role as people leaders to keep our institutions sustainable, relevant and thriving?
  • How can we rethink professional development to transform employee engagement in higher education?
  • What traditional thinking do we need to challenge in order to overhaul HR's strategic impact on our staff, students & faculty?
  • How can we take inspiration from the corporate sector to cultivate a change mindset and enable the growth of transformational HR in Higher Ed?
  • How do we create a strong culture across campus that inspires existing talent and also use it to hire better people, faster?
  • What traditional thinking around HR service delivery and workforce interaction do we need to challenge in order to better meet the needs of our Higher Ed constituents?
  • How do we redesign performance management to create a system fit for purpose for both the faculty and staff in our institutions?
  • How can we better maximize the role and return on investment of the people function in higher education?
  • How can we refresh and fully utilize our HR systems to drive meaning to our both faculty and staff whilst supporting organizational culture.
LEAP HR_ Higher Education provides an absolutely vitalplatform for CHROs and senior HR leaders. It’s the chanceto exchange innovative ideas and practical st