LEAP HR: Higher Education Statement: COVID-19

Updated: March 16, 2020

LEAP HR: Higher Education Summit is due to go ahead as planned.

Please see below for details of the precautions we have put in place regarding COVID-19

We are continuously monitoring the global health risks associated with COVID-19 and its potential impact to our customers by proactively seeking advice and guidance of all local, national, and global health authorities*. The World Health Organization (WHO) urge travelers to take practice usual precautions when traveling for personal or business reasons.

You can find up to date information on the global locations of confirmed cases with a daily situation report also available here from WHO

We are asking all customers to complete a Travel & Wellbeing Questionnaire a maximum of 14 days prior to the event starting. For the safety of all attendees, any customer who confirms recent travel in a high-risk location** or they have been advised to self-isolate by a medical professional will be informed they cannot attend the event.

In addition to the above, we are also working with the venue to ensure that we are following the best available medical guidance. We will be working to implement a variety of additional measures such as the provision of hand gel, increased cleaning of the main event space, door handles, entrances, and washrooms, as well as reviewing food and beverage consumption methods for each event.

We are also advising attendees to adopt a no hand-shake policy when onsite. Customers will also be reminded to wash their hands regularly and use alcohol-based antibacterial hand gel.

  • The event is going ahead as planned
  • We are closely monitoring the situation and will follow government advice, taking all appropriate action in response
  • Should anybody develop symptoms onsite, the customer will be moved to an isolation room. Local medical professionals will be called to assist.

Onsite the health, safety and well-being of our community remains our highest priority as we continue to monitor the situation. We will be asking all Customers to take sensible precautions onsite to minimize risk.

Some sessions may be delivered remotely by speakers who are subject to travel bans.

We will continue to track the situation and to be guided by the advice of the US Government, the CDC, and the World Health Organization.