28 – 29 May, 2019

Austin, TX

2018 Speaker Highlights


Mary George Opperman
Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
Cornell University

LEAP: “Shifting traditional organizational mindsets to allow HR to effectively function as a change agent and business leader.”

Lianne Sullivan-Crowley
Vice President Human Resources
Princeton University

LEAP: “Transforming how we attract and retain vital talent as competition explodes.”

Kelley Stuck
Chief Human Resources Officer
University of Virginia

LEAP: “Radically transforming HR to support higher education in the 21st century.”

Michelle Piekutowski
Associate Vice President and CHRO
Carnegie Mellon University

LEAP: "Transforming HR into the key strategic partner for faculty in our higher education institutions."

Janis McEldowney
Senior Vice President Human Resources
The University of Southern California

LEAP: “Instilling the entrepreneurial spirit into HR to drive business performance.”

Jane Moyer
Vice President Human Resources
Northeastern University

LEAP: “Utilizing corporate HR strategies to be a true change-agent within higher education.”

Julia McCallin
Associate Vice President Human Resources
California Institute of Technology

LEAP: “Building leaders who engage, develop, retain and lead their teams ready for the future.”

Mary Beahm
Vice President Human Resources
Penn State

LEAP: “Focusing on how we totally rethink HR delivery in a change resistant environment.”

Donna Bonaparte
Chief Human Resources Officer
Babson College

LEAP: “Mapping out the future of HR in higher education to stay ahead of the disruption.”

Vivian Fernandez
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Rutgers University

LEAP: "Radically transforming your ability to influence change and deliver impact.”

Dr Brian Dickens
Vice President Human Resources
Ithaca College

LEAP: “Placing innovation, creativity and a shared vision at the centre of our institution’s culture.”

Colleen Dutton
Associate Vice President Human Resources
University of Texas

LEAP: “Scaling infrastructure and transforming HR to support a campus population growing by 10% each year.”

Shenita Brokenburr
Chief Human Resources Officer
University of Wisconsin System

LEAP: “Rethinking how we attract and develop the leadership needed for the future of higher education.”

Beverly Pruitt
Assistant Vice President Workplace Equity & Performance Optimization
University of Miami

Sharon Butler
Vice President Human Resources
Michigan State University

LEAP: “Revaluating and reorganizing HR to be intentional, powerful and truly transformative.”

Bob Buer
Washington University in St. Louis
Associate Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Challenging traditional thinking around HR in higher education to move our institutions forward.”

Peter Barnes
Vice President Human Resourcesi
Emory University

LEAP: “Creating visionary leaders who are resilient and politically-minded for the higher education institution of tomorrow.”

Jaffus Hardrick
Vice President Human Resources
Florida International University

LEAP: “Rethinking HR to become an agile, talent-focused retailer.”

Elyne Cole
Associate Provost for Human Resources
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

LEAP: “Reimagining development pathways for leadership within higher education.”